You've Been Abducted By Aliens. Now What?

You've Been Abducted By Aliens. Now What?

There have been thousands of UFO sightings and abductions reported around the world, with new ones flooding UFO sites like ours everyday. That's reason enough for us to take the threat of abduction seriously. And we believe in being prepared.

That's why we think it's time to talk about what you should do if you are abducted. Hopefully this is information you never need - but if you ever find yourself captive here are a few tips on surviving an alien abduction.

Stay Calm

Being abducted, especially by ALIENS, is going to be one heck of a story when it's all over. But to get the chance to tell your story you need to focus on survival. Stay calm and keep your wits about you. This isn't your fault and these creatures have done something against your will.


In most accounts of alien abduction, victims report feeling sedated or drugged. Others state that the beings could read and even control their thoughts. Do your best to stay alert and awake. It might be a good idea to clear your mind and try to create a mental block as a way of limiting their access to your thoughts. We're not 100% sure of how to fight a mind intrusion but meditation seems like a good place to start.

Survey Your Surroundings

Pay attention to the time and try to estimate when you were picked up, how long they kept you, and when you were dropped off. Are there windows you can see out of? If so, try to get a look and figure out where you might be.

Observe Everything

Do your best to get a good look at what's around you. Pay attention to medical instruments, the size of the room, how many aliens are present, anything that could help researchers. Think of yourself as a CSI detective and this is a crime scene. You want as many details as possible for later.

Fight Back!

It's your call, but we don't believe in becoming a willing victim. That is why we would do whatever we can to fight back. Let these creeps know that you mean business. If you haven't been restrained yet then fight. No one takes a person against their will and detains them with good intentions in mind. That's called kidnapping. We have no way of knowing how many abductees were never released.

Home Again?

After the abduction, write everything down as soon as you can while the details are still fresh. Some memories are bound to be repressed and may come back to you in a few days, but for now you want as much on record as you can remember. Reach out for help through reputable UFO sites, friends, and if things are hard to cope with on your own you may need the help of a psychologist to deal with the trauma.

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