Video of UFO Over Oxnard, California is Fake

Video of UFO Over Oxnard, California is Fake

A man named Juan Alvarez shared a video on Facebook and YouTube of a supposed UFO that was captured over Oxnard, California. The man says that the footage was shot by his cousin, and claims that the two drove away after being "freaked out" by the object. Here is the footage:

The brightly lit object appears to hover just above several houses and by power lines. It's an obvious fake, or misidentified object. Similar to the Water Tower UFO hoax, the witness is misrepresenting his sighting as a UFO. We did a search and found an interesting image that sure looks a lot like the "UFO".

Oxnard sits right next to the town of Camarillo which has - guess what - a water tower. Here is an image from the Ventura Weekly which states that the tower is visible from all parts of the city. The website also mentions that the tower has a lot of equipment at the top including blinking red lights to warn passing airplanes since the tower is oddly painted sky blue. Even the house looks familiar.

We are confident that we have outed this UFO sighting as a fake. What do you think. Do you live near Oxnard or Camarillo, California? Ever seen this UFO?

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