UFO Sighting in Marfa, Texas

UFO Sighting in Marfa, Texas

A man named Briscoe submitted the following UFO sighting to us. The witnesses estimate that they were approximately 3 miles from the object which was sighted around 10 pm in the Marfa, Texas night sky.

"My Mom and I were coming back from a church dinner when we notice a flashing light in the sky. It was hovering at first, then moved very quickly to the east and just as quickly back towards us. After a few seconds, it shot almost straight up at an incredible speed and left a starburst pattern high in the sky. Neither of us ever touch alcohol".

Marfa is a small desert town with a population under 2,000. The town is known as a cultural and arts hub that hosts the annual Marfa Myths cultural festival every April. The town is also known for a phenomena called the Marfa Lights which are commonly observed near U.S. Route 67 on Mitchell Flat east of the city.

Skeptics have suggested that the Marfa Lights are the reflections of automobile headlights or nearby campfires. Others believe that the lights have paranormal origins: 34 sightings have been reported between 1945 and 2008. The first reported sighting of the Marfa Lights occurred in 1883.

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