UFO Sighting From 2003 in Athens County, Ohio

UFO Sighting From 2003 in Athens County, Ohio

A woman named Sarah reported the following UFO sighting which occured in 2003. The object was sighted on Hooper Ridge Road in Athens County, Ohio. Sarah was with a friend in her car when the two spotted a UFO hovering over top of them in the sky.

"My name is Sarah M and this happened to myself and my best friend Sher M. back in 2003. We was both 20 at the time and completely sober by the way. We was not drunk, high, or out of our minds.

We was in my car driving around country back roads pretty early in the morning I'd say around 3am ish. I was driving and Sher was in the passenger seat of my small car. As we was driving we noticed to the right out Shers window a bright orange and red light shined through the sky out of no where.

So I stopped my car while we both looked with both fear and amazement. I remember asking her if she was seeing the same thing I was seeing. Sher of course said yes with fear in her voice. We was looking out over a valley and up in the sky an enormous red and orange lit up round space ship as large as most of the sky hoovered over us and I mean right above us.

I can remember us sitting there watching as if time stood still but somehow our fear was slowly lifting as if we knew who or whatever was flying this huge ship meant no harm. Sher turned her head away from her window to ask me how time was moving so quickly I looked at her and then at my stereo clock in confusion not understanding how it felt like we had been sitting there for only a few minutes when a whole hour had gone by.

We both went to look back out the passenger window only to see the ship had completely disappeared without any trace..the sky was now empy with only the stars lighting very dimly. Now that many years have passed us by and Sher and I have sadly grown apart from the once sister like friendship we had I wonder just what the Hell happend that early Summer morning. That event could have some how completley changed the trajectory of our lives. We will probably never now the truth."


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