UFO Sighted Over Bundaberg, Australia

UFO Sighted Over Bundaberg, Australia

A reader named Paul recently reached out to me to discuss a recent sighting he observed over Bundaberg, Australia. He was able to provide a series of photographs he took of a strange object.

The objects made no noise when he saw them the morning of July 9th, 2020.

Paul says that there is an airport nearby, but the object in the photos does not appear to be any sort of airplane. The behavior was also unlike a conventional aircraft, moving way too fast and erratically. Several formations of crafts were witnessed and captured in the photos. No other witnesses were present.

I asked Paul if he had ever witnessed a UFO before, to which he replied that he has had several experiences in the past, appearing to him in a dreamlike state. He adds that they seem to know when he can see them.

After an experience, he feels like he is in a "supercharged" state and though he has not witnessed an actual alien life form - believes that he can feel their presence in this state deep within his inner being. He says that this feeling and the experience is never frightening, but difficult to put into words or wrap his head around.

Take a look at the images Paul provided, then comment below to tell us what you think.


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