Triangular UFO in Perth, Australia

Triangular UFO in Perth, Australia

I recently spoke with a man named Eddie Powell who witnessed a triangular shaped UFO near his home in Perth, Australia. It seems that the triangular shaped unidentified craft is being witnessed with increasing frequency. Some have suggested that these UAV's are top secret government craft. This witness thinks it was something else. Here is a transcript of our conversation.

Can you tell me more about your UFO sighting?

At approx 2.28 am Sunday morning 8/1/17, I witnessed a large triangular UFO flying across Perth, Western Australia Skies Southward.

What were you doing when you saw it?

I was on my computer doing paperwork for my business and noted the time was 2:28 am. Thought I better wrap it up and go to bed. I went outside for a cigarette and was just looking up at the sky as I often do. I saw some movement emerging from the darkness of a palm tree in my backyard.

At first my mind tried to justify what I was seeing, a bird maybe reflecting light...Then I saw two more, the vision I was seeing was a huge triangular aircraft. My mind went through "files" of everything I had ever seen in the sky in nanoseconds and then the realization that I was looking at an object that was flying with no sound and I could not identify it - the pure definition of a UFO.

Can I ask how old you were?

I was 51 at the time and have seen meteorites, satellites, all kinds of aircraft and I am not known for making up stories for attention. If you have any questions or want further information or clarification on anything just ask. I am an open book to whomever wants to know.

What did the UFO look like Eddie?

It was silent, had three lights making up a large triangle I believe 2-3 commercial airliners could have fit wing to wing between the 2 rear lights. The lights were larger than conventional aircraft, were bright white and none were flashing, and it moved silently across the sky in about 10 -15 seconds.

How close were you?

This was not far out on the horizon or far out in the stars but almost flying over my house. It was in our skies like any other plane but this was nothing like I have ever seen before. I always believed and now I know. When you look up at a low flying commercial airliner it looks about and inch maybe inch and a half from wing to wing from the perspective of the ground.

Could it have been a commercial aircraft?

This craft had 3 lights making up a triangle. The space between the lights were approx 5 inches apart from the perspective of the ground and is why I say 2-3 (if not more) commercial planes could fit between the two rear lights wing to wing.

Each light was bigger and brighter than any aircraft I have seen but not as big as seen on the TR-3B. Maybe just a bit bigger than the brightest star you can find. There was no light in the centre like you see on the TR-3B either, just a light or power source on each corner of the triangle. This was not that high in the sky (not out in the stars).

Did you tell anyone about it?

I contacted media agencies who did not want to know about it. You know when you see home security video looking down a driveway or out the front of a house, many times half the vision shows some sky. I was sure that this would have been on security vision somewhere however I could get no help from media and one station called me and basically laughing at me saying " so you think you saw a UFO do you" in a jovial radio voice.

No-one really helped or tried to find footage. Journalists do not do their jobs properly. I was and still am in awe of what I witnessed. Also not just a fleeting vision or flash in the sky as I watched it travel (I would say directly South) for approx 15 seconds in which time it traveled across our skies until I could not see it anymore. It did not shoot off like a bullet or disappear, just flew out of view.

Wow. Have you ever had any other experiences? Some report to me they've seen UFO's along with other strange things like Bigfoot.

No, that is the only one. I will also say that I have thought to myself that IF this was a government / military aircraft, I and the rest of the world should be really pissed off because they have the technology for free energy and anti-gravity that could solve the worlds climate change and energy problems...

Do you know if there were any other local reports at the time? I know Australia has its share of sightings.

None that I am aware of. That's why I wanted to find some security video showing some sky. I came straight inside and PM''d all the television stations Channel 2, 7, 9 and 10 and online media such as Perth Now and The West Australian newspaper, Sunday Times newspaper, also some UFO researchers in Australia. I even sent emails to country towns asking if they had any security cameras looking down a street that captures some sky. I only received a couple of responses, one from a country town that just said they don't have any security cameras pointed towards the sky.

I was aggravated as that was not what I had asked them. Seriously if I was a "journalist" and somebody contacted me saying they saw what I did and there must be footage I would have tried to find some. Police through the media always have news stations asking the public for dash cam or security footage when looking for a criminal. I thought why not ask people to check their footage on the news. Hell it would have been huge news if someone had footage.

Thanks for talking to me about what you saw. Hopefully, someone out there can give some insights or saw it as well.

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