Triangle UFO Near Crop Field in Charleston, Arkansas

Triangle UFO Near Crop Field in Charleston, Arkansas

We recently received a report from a man named Pharoah Akhenaten who witnessed a triangle shaped UFO near a crop field while driving out to a lake in Charleston Arkansas. Here is a transcript of our conversation.

I was living in Charleston Arkansas in 1994. I had just purchased a white 1993 Isuzu pickup. I was taking it out for a spin by myself I did not drink or do drugs I was 14 years old, however, I was very mature for my age and actually started working at 8. So I was very much cognizant of my surroundings and what I was doing. I had a vehicle at 14 and he could drive legally because I had a hardship license because one of my parents was disabled so I would go for cruises by myself and just do what teenagers do.

One night as it was dusk I was traveling away from Charleston and headed out to a lake, I made it about 6 miles out into the pasture fields and crops when I noticed a large triangle flying object above me. It was very distinctive because I automatically sensed that in no way was this any type of aircraft that I was familiar with. It hovered above me I couldn't tell how many miles in the air was but it wasn't far and it wasn't close. as I was traveling down the road it seem to be keeping up just right ahead of me.

At the time it was popular to fix up your cars and mine was all tricked out and I had the green neon under-body glow kit. So I had turned off my headlights and I was driving down the road good about 30 or 40 miles an hour because it wasn't safe because I couldn't see very well so I was following the yellow line down the center of the road with my neon kit. As this flying object was above me I thought maybe I was attracting something because of the bright glow coming from my vehicle. So I immediately turned on all my running lights and shut down my neon kit.

When I did this the object in the air that was traveling above me immediately shifted 90 degrees to the left, not turned but the whole craft just move sideways not forward and sideways but immediately just sideways. After it did that it started going forward again. I immediately knew this wasn't something that the crafts flying around would be able to perform to that exact degree of maneuverability. I got scared and I slammed on my brakes. At that moment this craft shot forward at an accelerated speed that it almost disappeared instantly. I turned around and sped as fast as I could back home shut down my vehicle ran inside my house locked all the doors and went to bed. And have not spoke of this instance since then.

Was it black? Could you tell?

Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. It wasn't any color. It just was. Kinda like the sky, kind of like clouds. It was dusk so a good possibility it was black. But I feel like it was whatever color it wanted to be. I had headlights. Like you could see the light beams through the sky, for a long, long ways. One traveling light at front, and two at back, spaced far apart.

What is the name of the lake?

I'm trying to remember it. I still talk to a high school friend that still lives in Charleston. I'll ask her. Also, the year before, someone brought in a carcass of some unidentifiable creature in a five gallon bucket. They said they took it to Little Rock to the colleges and to Oklahoma State University to all the professors and not only could they not identify it, they couldn't tell the origins of it. I'm part of a group called "If you ever lived in Charleston" and we had a long discussion about it.

I Googled nearby lakes for the reporter, and confirmed the lake where he saw the triangle shaped UFO was indeed Darby Lake.

Triangle Shaped UFO spotted at Darby Lake, Arkansas

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