Top 5 Questions We Would Ask Alien Visitors

Top 5 Questions We Would Ask Alien Visitors

Let's pretend for a moment that disclosure has come, and aliens have made their presence on Earth known. We are pretty sure that there would be some sort of press conference eventually, and we are hoping that one of the little guys is there to answer questions from the media. Now the press conference could get pretty interesting because no one knows for sure how they would communicate – though there are a few theories. Either way, what we have done is put together a list of 5 questions we would like to ask an alien visitor. We think they are hard hitting and straight to the point. Check it out below.

Top 5 Questions We Would Ask Alien Visitors

Where Did You Come From?

If aliens ever come to our planet and we get the chance to ask them questions, we would start off with the obvious ones first. That’s why we are starting off our press conference by asking where did you come from? It's probably the first question on every UFO researchers mind, so it makes sense to ask it first. Are they from just beyond our galaxy - or a place much further? The answer could redefine our views on physics and all other sciences as we know them.

Top 5 Questions We Would Ask Alien Visitors

How Old Are You?

It may be rude to ask someone their age, but that’s probably just some social rule that only applies here on earth. Besides, we have never been the type to beat around the bush. That’s why we want to ask our alien visitor 'exactly how old are you?' Our gut says that these visitors have a lifespan that varies vastly from what we know as humans. We think they probably live much longer, but if the theories that grey aliens are basically reptiles, a sort of bug, or even remotely controlled robots are true – then they may actually not live very long at all. That is why we want to know what the lifespan of an alien race is.

Top 5 Questions We Would Ask Alien Visitors

Is There a God?

This is the be all end all question that could shake the very foundations of every single thing humans have ever believed, and everything we think we know. Now it’s a complex questions based on how you define God. Is it the Christian God, an energy, a spiritual force? What ever your religious beliefs are - it’s a question that all of us would like to know the answer to.

Top 5 Questions We Would Ask Alien Visitors

Are There Others in the Universe?

The question that humans have been asking for centuries, are we alone in the universe, has just been answered by our press conference. We know know that we are not alone in the universe, but just how many other species are out there? Is there just the visitors that we see in front of us and humans, or are there hundreds, even thousands, of other sentient species populating the galaxy?

Top 5 Questions We Would Ask Alien Visitors

How Long Have You Been Watching Us?

Our final question is going to be a multi part one. After all, it's pretty hard to limit yourself to just five. But we really want to know how long have aliens been watching us? If they have been watching us through out the course of human history, then they probably know more about us than we do. That probably means that they do not want to kill us, but exactly what intentions do they have? Are they here to protect us from more war-like alien races. Or do they just have a curiosity about us as we do about them?

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