Tic Tac Shaped UFO Near Youngstown, Ohio

Tic Tac UFO near Youngstown, Ohio?

A website called Latest UFO Sightings posted a video to their Youtube channel that caught our attention since the sighting occured not far from our UFOBeat office.

In the video, a white cigar or tic-tac shaped UFO is seen hovering in the day time sky of Warren, Ohio. The video was captured on July 26th, 2020 about a mile from Youngstown Air Force base.

Here is the video, as well as a zoom in on the object sighted:

UFO near Youngstown, Ohio

The witness does a nice job of trying to get a good clean shot of the UFO, and even tries to zoom in for a closer look. Looking at the zoomed image, the shape does seem odd and doesn't have the outline of an airplane. That said, we don't think this is a UFO.

The small city of Warren lies on the border of Youngstown, Ohio which is the location of two airfields: Youngstown Regional Airport and Sloas Airfield and Aviation Museum. While the proximity to multiple airfields doesn't alone discredit the sighting - it should make more reasonable explanations most likely.

The man who captured the video wondered if it was a drone, and pointed out that the object made no sound. Our best explanation is that it is indeed a drone, though a smaller airplane is possible. The zoomed image doesn't provide much in the way of details, so a small enough airplane wouldn't be distinguishable. Sloas Airfield is also known for hosting flyover events and for accepting small passeneger planes.

We think this one boils down to be a misidentified object.

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