Survivalist Cody Lundin is a UFO Enthusiast

Survivalist Cody Lundin is a UFO Enthusiast

You may remember Cody Lundin from the show Dual Survival. The barefoot survivalist starred on the hit show from 2010-2014 before leaving due to creative differences. Lundin now focuses his attention on teaching fellow off grid enthusiasts at his Aboriginal Living Skills School based in Prescott, Arizona.

No doubt, Cody has to have seen some strange things while wandering the desert. Though he has yet to come out and report any personal UFO sightings, turns out he is a sky watcher and UFO enthusiast.

On his Facebook page, Cody said that he recently was asked to sign the wall at the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico. He called it the highlight of his career.

He also joked "the museum’s main focus is the 1947 Roswell incident but many other wonders await you. The gift shop is priceless. Where else can you find an alien head cookie jar or a green alien dog bandana?"

You can follow Cody on his Keep Your Ass Alive podcast which is available on most podcast platforms. You can also email his team at

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