Suggested Reading for the UFO Researcher

What Books Should You Read to Learn More about Aliens, UFO's, Abductions and Related Sciences?

There's a lot you can learn on the topic of UFO's and Aliens just by checking the internet. Plenty of websites are covering different angles on the topic. The problem is, you can only get so much information from a quick article posted on a website. That's why sometimes you have to go old school and read a book.

It used to be that when you really wanted to learn about a subject, you headed to the library and set aside a few hours for some serious research. Luckily, you can download a book on you Kindle or IPad and learn from the comfort of your home. But you still have to put in the time to read and we spend at least a few hours every week digesting new knowledge on the subject of UFO's.

On this post, we will keep a running list of books related to UFO's, aliens, abductions, and the science behind the topics that we have read. Of course, we will give you a quick summary of what we thought. If the book was a real stinker - we will let you know. If it was worth the time, we will be sure to point it out.

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The Books

Children of the Greys

Bret Oldham does a great job of telling his personal story of alien abduction. The author provides context to it all by going into some of the hybrid theories, and the possible connection to other paranormal activities like ghosts. What makes his story believable is that it doesn't sound stretched beyond whats already been reported.

Budd Hopkins said that he judged validity on details, looking to see if the experiencer offered something which fits other cases. Most important was the question of "do the details seem filled in?" meaning did the reporter inflate the story or add information for effect. That was the test for genuineness that he used in his years of research. If that's the criteria then this story rings true. Oldham didn't have all the details but rather admitted that he was guessing much of the motives for being abducted.

No doubt the relevancy to current ufology research helps sell books, but Oldham seems genuine none the less and at at this price monetary gain doesn't seem to be the primary motive. Worth a read.

The Last Relic of Roswell

A very short story of an encounter that the author had. It could be bogus, or a huge missing piece of the Roswell puzzle. Either way, it was an entertaining read that makes you go "hmm" afterwards. Worth a buck for the novelty of it.

The Roswell Report: Case Closed

Roswell is the most known story in UFO circles and brought the idea of alien visitation into the public consciousness. Shortly after confirming that the crash happened, the Air Force quickly redacted those statements and the supposed cover up began. This book tells the Air Force side of the story, and attempts to refute much of the events relating to Roswell. The book is full of pictures, graphs, etc. It reads like a report as expected. The value lies in having a reference.

Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic Beings

More advanced reading for the UFO researcher. Written by late Ufologist Budd Hopkins with the help of Carol Rainey, the two write in a 'hand off' style: Hopkins talks about his work into alien abductions that he has collected though hypnosis and regression of abductees, while Rainey provides commentary on the work. There is also a dose of theoretical science included that makes for a great read. Ultimately, the book reaffirms just how frightening the idea of alien abduction is.

Have you read any of the books on our list? Tell us what you thought below.

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