Sightings Report: Fargo, North Dakota

UFO Sighted in Fsrgo

Here is a report that was given to me by a woman named Allyson who read my article about the Lubbock Lights. There are some strange things going on in the story and she was able to provide some photographic evidence lending credence to her story. Take a look.

Can u tell me more about your sighting?

It was during the day, late afternoon, summer time.

Ever had any experiences before?

No not before that, but after that, yes. Growing up my great grandmother, who has always lived on a Nebraska farm would talk about aliens and ufo's on her land. When she was dying in her home last year she kept saying, "they're here" everyone thought angels, but I remembered all her alien stories and something told me to take a picture and I think I caught something. I'll send the picture, its interesting. Look at the window. Zoom in. This would be right next to where I was sitting alone in kitchen.

So what u saw was like the glowing lights. Then u saw them again later? Ever get a photo of that or have anyone else say they saw it?

My friend Karl and I looked in the newspaper, watched the news, and did some feverish research and we could never find anything of anyone ever seeing the same thing on that day or anywhere else in North Dakota for that matter.

Is Fargo pretty remote? I always wondered if California had more sightings just because it has more people.

Pretty moderately sized. North Dakota, not many people, a lot of the state is open farm land.

Yea. Any military bases u know of? Bigfoot sightings?

No Bigfoot. The air-force base is in Minot.

I'll map it later and get an idea of where things are. What kind of things did your grandma see?

UFO's over crops, taking livestock, her and grandpa both would talk about how they were never afraid.

Wow. Ever find any dead livestock?

I don't remember them saying anything about that.


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