Reader Sighting of UFO in London Ontario, Canada

Here's a report that just came in from a Canadian reader named Jim Mount. He has witnessed ongoing activity outside his home and was quick enough to capture the photos seen below. He says that his photos have been authenticated by experts and verified as real.

Jim lives in London Ontario, Canada and the photos were taken in his back yard in June, 2015 with a high quality camera mounted on a tripod and correct use of zoom. He says that he has experienced a lifetime of contact with extraterrestrials starting when he was very young. Early on he did have face to face contact with and met two different races of aliens, but now the communication is telepathic only.

The night before the above photos were taken, he says that he telepathically asked them if they did give Tesla his wireless energy transfer technology. Their response was to appear to him and thus the photos we see above. That must mean their answer is yes. He reports that the craft powered up and sent a wireless energy transfer to an Orb above it.

Blue orb. Silent but has sound waves behind it Tracking it on the tripod caught it in one pick out of the 50 rapid shots taken

In addition to the Orb sightings, Jim now observes frequent appearances by unmarked helicopters over his home, Blackhawk choppers which have appeared as many as five at a time. He believes they are connected to the space craft he witnessed - sent to watch him from a distance now with the help of an unmarked surveillance van similar to what many report as MIB sightings. Jim says he saw an orb hover 2 feet above the engine hood of their SUV one night, which made caused them to take off. He says these Men in Black "keep their distance for they protect me and watch over me 24/7 the reason I have hundreds of photos and videos".

Blackhawk Chopper

Blackhawk Chopper

Blackhawk Chopper

Blackhawk Chopper

Jim has even shared his photos with acclaimed researcher Linda Moulton Howe, who commented to him that the photos are some of the best she has ever seen. Here is a picture of that meeting.

Jim Mount has shared his story in a series of YouTube Podcasts on a channel called Paranormal Portal that you can watch by clicking here. It's a fascinating listen.


If you have witnessed a UFO or other strange event, report it to us by clicking here.

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