Reader Sighting in Pawtucket Rhode Island

UFO Spotted Over Pawtucket Rhode Island?

A reader named David reported a strange object he spotted a few months ago outside his home in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He is grasping for explanations and was able to provide some photographic evidence of what he saw. The following 3 images were captured with his iPhone 11.

UFO Spotted Over Pawtucket Rhode Island

UFO Spotted Over Pawtucket Rhode Island

UFO Spotted Over Pawtucket Rhode Island

The sighting occurred September 19th, 2020. I asked if there were any other witnesses and David says that the photos were captured when he and a friend were just relaxing in his backyard. He said that he was in shock and that's when his friend told him "it's turning to watch us".

David didn't know what his friend meant at the time, but it may have been observing the two friends. The object resembled a star and hung in the sky for some time before appearing to come closer. The white object seemed to get bigger and glow brighter as it closed in, then grew smaller perhaps as it left.

There is no military activity in the area that David is aware of, and adds that he had never seen a UFO before and has not seen anything in the skies since. The sighting has left David wondering what he saw and lead him to do a Google search recently. That's when he found a very similar sighting which occurred in Bristol. Then David contacted us.

In the Bristol sighting, a delivery driver named Jason Jennings recorded a ball of light over a period of several nights which morphed in size. That footage was sent to popular UFO researcher Nick Pope for analysis. Skeptics believe the object could have been made with a laser pointer, or could have just been an out of focus star.

David doesn't think either of those explanations make sense and neither do we. But what do you think? Was this a UFO or something else? Comment below.


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