Reader Reported Sighting Near Kissimmee, Florida

Reader Reported Sighting Near Kissimmee, Florida
Reader Reported Sighting Near Kissimmee, Florida

A reader named Devin sent us the following video which he belielieves is a UFO based on some other things that happened. He says that the sighting occured at 3pm and his mother was with him and saw it as well. Watch the video:

Devin says that if you zoom in on the video, the glowing light is easier to see. The object is also making a low sound if you listen closely.

Something told me to look up which I always do cause I love this kind of phenomena it's crazy. But (something) circled around the moon and came all the way across sky slow and sometimes it seemed to pause almost like it was watching me.

But after about 30 minutes it literally disappeared like instantly. (It) was translucent in a way, it was no balloon I can assure you. Right after it left it was weird because in that area was an airplane - one that looked like it had no wings. It was weird but man I was like what is going on - trippy! No air bases or any military nearby. I have another photo of a real close up shot of a ufo disc and it 100 yards away so you can see everything in detail. Also have one that actually landed at end of the road.

I believe there was two guys in a car looking in my direction, like security in all black with hats, and the car sounds like it runs into something - they hit a tree I think. Then everything got real windy and a door shuts. I believe they got back in the car.

I believe and this thing is GLOWING like what? Then the video stops and my mother recalls that it seemed to bang around like it was hitting something ... strange ... and lifts off all while she is hiding behind the bushes scared.

One more thing, outside my window I felt a presence and I looked at my blinds but couldn't see through them, but when I looked this thing seemed to know and made a noise like it was ticking. A sound like you make with your mouth to get an animals attention. Then another weird tick sound in this weird rythm together. I froze so quick because this thing had whatever you call it - its sights locked on me. I stayed still as it began to slowly tick away (leaving) bro never again!

UFO Photographed in Kissimmee, Florida

This photo was the original from Kissimmee, Florida where I lived. My grandfather took it by East Lake Toho Marina. After he made close up extras (of the photo) the house was broken into. Everything was thrown around, we assumed they were looking for the photo because nothing was stolen but they didn't find it.

Stranger yet is someone (a neighbor) told him that they had seen two guys in suits show up snooping around. Thankfully, my grandfather had gave the photo to the neighbor to hold onto and look at which is why they didn't find it.

Here is another photo that Devin sent us of an object he has witnessed.


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