Oil City, Pennsylvania UFO Sighting

Oil City, Pennsylvania UFO Sighting

We had the following UFO sighting reported to us by a reader who is a member of the Western PA UFO and Paranormal Facebook Group. This is the sighting, verbatim, as reported:

It was October 25th 1975 my aunt called and said she had herd on her cb radio that people were seeing ufo's over Henry's Bend. I was 14 at the time ... I ran out the back door and there was this bright blueish light twice as big as a full moon. I yelled for my parents they came running out and we watched this light just float there - no one said a word, then we saw another one float up from the woods behind our house.
As soon as it lined up with the other one it stopped. As soon as I stopped, they both headed north. There was a third one hovering to the west as we all ran for our car. We drove to Oil City then we just followed the police cars to Calvary Cemetery. When we got there, there were at least 60 to 100 people watching. Some where crying, some where freaking out, lots of people were saying that a flying saucer had landed in the little field behind the cemetery.
There was a mist or like smoke I'll never forget the smell - it was like burning rotten wood sulfur like. There were police - one was officer Becky, the other was officer McFadden both from the Oil City Police Department.
This really happened. I don't understand why it never made the national news. In the Oil City library you can read a news paper article from the local paper called the Derrick. It's on micro film. The article states that 11 objects were tracked on radar from the Franklin Regional Airport moving at high speeds. Some were tracked hovering around the Oil City area said Frank Hobbits the FEMA director at the time. I know other people that saw this and there are a few reports online, some photos were also taken although I have never seen them.

According to Wikipedia, Oil City, Pennsylvania is a "city in Venango County, Pennsylvania, that is known in the initial exploration and development of the petroleum industry. After the first oil wells were drilled nearby in the 1850's, Oil City became central in the petroleum industry while hosting headquarters for the Pennzoil, Quaker State, and Wolf's Head motor oil companies. Tourism plays a prominent role in the region by promoting oil heritage sites, nature trails, and Victorian architecture. The population was 10,557 at the 2010 census". Visit the visitors page here.

The submitter also provided several article links from the local newspaper, The Oil City Derrick, dated October 27, 1975. Witnesses reported seeing an oval shaped object near the Vocational -Technical School around 6:15 pm. The object was said to have two red and two yellow lights.

Another witness stated the lights were reddish-orange and pulsating. Apparently, this unidentified aerial phenomena was witnessed by many people in the small town of Oil City, Pennsylvania. The following maps of the area where the object was seen were provided:

The person who reported this chose to remain anonymous, though he does hope that others who may have witnessed the object can help him make sense of the sighting. If you have any information related to this Oil City Pennsylvania UFO Sighting, or wish to report a sighting of your own, please contact us.


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