Muhammad Ali Talks About His UFO Sightings

Ali Appearred on Johnny Carson and Discussed UFO's

World famous boxer Muhammad Ali believed in UFO's. Atleast that's what he told Johnny Carson. He even said that he had witnessed them himself.

On September 7, 1973 Ali appeared on the classic Tonight Show with Johnny Carson alongside fellow boxing great Ken Norton to promote their upcoming rematch. Ali was always known to say whatever came to mind, and was funny even if he didn't try to be with his dry sense of humor.

But he seemed pretty serious when talking about his sightings.

As soon as Ali sat down, he said "I've been studying UFO's. Did you know that there are UFO's, unidentified flying objects, flying around?" adding "people don't talk about them, but I have seen them".

Carson makes jokes about it as expected, then tries to write it off as satellites. Ali refuses to be shutdown though, and says he has pictures and movies to prove it. He even mentions the head of the National UFO Bureau in Washington, DC. Ali obviosuly studied UFO's and took it seriously.

When describing his own UFO sighting, he said that they appear on specific days (Tuesday and Thursday) at specific times (between 4-5am). He says that they are like big bright stars, but disappear and reapper, then move and shake.

You can tell that Ali is a little annoyed that Carson will not take him seriosly. Check out the original video below:

's a must see!

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