Joe Rogan Tweets in Defense of Bob Lazar

Lazar Appeared on Joe Rogans Podcast

Most UFO researchers are well aware that Bob Lazar appeared on Joe Rogans popular podcast in June of 2019. In the interview, Lazar retold his story of working at Area 51 where he says he helped to back engineer recovered space craft.

The episode is one of the most watched episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience with over 12 million views today. As expected, Lazars story generated plenty of controversary: many think Lazar is a liar who has completely lied about working at S4 since so few of the details he offers can be verified. Others are believers, accepting the explanation that Lazars record and education have been scrubbed from public record to disprove his claims.

Rogan didn't give a clear position on his take of Lazar. In the interview, he was respectful of his guests (documentary film maker Jeremy Corbell also appeared) and as usual, referred to statements and stories as 'interesting'. Since we were left to wonder if Rogan believed Lazar, the answer is pretty clear in a recent Tweet that Joe Rogan sent out:

Rogans Tweet was in response to the recent news articles where government officials have come forward to say that there are spacecraft which have been recovered - and which appear to be from 'otherwordly' origin. That's some shocking news, and while it does make Lazars story more plausible - it still doesn't prove it. Joe clearly seems to believe Lazar though even painting him as a victim in the Government coverup.

You can watch the full Bob Lazar interview on the Joe Rogan Experience below:


What do you think of Bob Lazars story? Are you believer?

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