Jeremy Corbell: Weaponizing Curiosity

Jeremy Corbell: Weaponizing Curiosity

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell is a Los Angeles born documentary film maker who, in his own words, wants to weaponize your curiosity. His own curiosity lies in the subject of UFO's which he tackles in his documentaries. Corbell has been around UFO circles for years now, and is quickly becoming a powerful presence in the push for disclosure.

It was Corbell who broke the story of the USS Nimitz UFO incident before the 2017 article by The New York Times. In 2004, six Super Hornet fighter jets from the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group had a radar and visual encounter with an unidentified flying object. The footage was released in 2017 and led to Pentagon confirming the existence of $22 million UFO program. 

Corbell has tackled other subjects in the world of conspiracy and aliens. His documentary Patient Seventeen

(available on Amazon) told the story of  surgeon Dr. Roger Leir who claimed to remove nanotechnology microchips embedded by aliens during human abductions. Leir was a frequent speaker on radio and television and released a book called The Aliens and the Scalpel about his findings. 

The Hunt for the Skinwalker tackled the subject of the mysterious Ballard, Utah ranch famous for paranormal happenings. Visitors to the 512 acre ranch have reported Bigfoot like cryptid sightings, poltergeists, crop circles, UFO's and orbs. Skinwalker Ranch is a true paranormal hotbed that was the subject of a book by George Knapp. 

Corbell recently released the best selling film Bob Lazar : Area 51 & Flying Saucers, the first words we have heard from the infamous Area 51 whistle blower in 30 years.  The reactions have been good on the film and it has people talking about Lazar and his claims of reverse engineering alien spacecraft at the S4 facility. Corbell wanted to interview Lazar because his story is what first ignited his own curiosity about UFO's and he says that the story has been twisted over the last 30 years and needed to be set straight. 

Whatever you think about the subject of UFO's - Jeremy Corbell is doing his part to reveal the truth about UFO's and his name is going to play a bigger part of the push for disclosure in the coming years. 

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