Is Disclosure Happening Due to Government Panic Over UFO's?

How much of a threat are UFO's?

For the last couple of years, the idea of disclosure has hung heavy in the air. We had the release of the Pentagon UFO videos which were officially declassified just recently in 2020. Now all of a sudden, the government is talking on the subject - though with calculated words which should tell you that there is much more to the story.

And I believe, much more fear than people are recognizing.

First, let's think about what threat the unidentified objects in the declassified videos could pose. The three videos which have been released, termed “GIMBAL.wmv,” “GOFAST.wmv,” and “FLIR.mp4”, show objects which capabilites include the ability to roll and suddenly change direction, the ability to nose dive from 80,000 feet down to 20,000 feet, movements so fast that fighter jets struggled to aquire the targets on their radar. So fast that the objects simply disappear when they are finished taunting our pilots. It's as if these objects can do anything they want in the air, defying physics as we know it.

Needless to say, these UFO's move and operate like children playing with toys - swooshing through the skies then speeding away as if guided by an unseen hand. And that makes them a real threat, one that we have never faced before. A threat which has our government and military in a panic mode. There is no other reason that suddenly now, they would talk about UFO's.

Beyond their flight abilities, the public knows nothing about their onboard armament systems or intentions. Recent reports have said that crash debris has been recovered, and more information is due to be released in the coming months. Chances are, significant war fighting abilites are part of the crafts structure and a probable reason the government has a sudden willingness to talk about them.

The objects have appeared over key strategic areas, and appear to be scouting US air space while we have little recourse in preventing their actions. Marco Rubio has probably been the most vocal official to discuss the topic, and his fear is the National Security risk they pose. These previously unwitnessed aerial acts have led government officials to admit that the UFO's display capabilities beyond anything in the United States arsenal.

So stop for just a minute and think about how big that statement is. The United States, always hailed as the defenders of democracy, with the biggest baddest military in the world to back it up, just admitted that someone has military capabilities that they do not. That is huge, a message that has been missed by mainstream reporting. Everyone is caught up in the hope for disclosure and the truth about little green men that they have overlooked the obvious - we are potentially defenseless against this threat.

UFO's have been linked to nuclear bases for years, and a story I read somewhere (if I find it again I'll post it) said that one thing which got us really scared was that these objects had managed to remotely disarm nuclear sites. The fear is that they could start WW3 by accidentally deploying war heads. We don't know if that is their intention, or if it was just a display of power - but stories like that definitely negate the 'peace loving' story we often hear. If nothing else, these visitors are expert level computer hackers.

President Trump has went on record to say that "our military is depleted" adding "and we're asking our generals and military leaders to worry about global warming." Though the level of disaster is debatable, even left leaning sites begrudingly admit that "spending is down; the force is smaller than when Obama took office and its equipment is aging". The Obama admisistration isn't 100% to blame if an alien invasion takes place, but the obvious message is that our military has fallen behind at the worst possible time.

You better believe that before the videos were leaked, we spoke with every ally we had hoping they were the source of the mysterious craft. When no one could take credit for the advanced aerospace technology, our hand was forced. Now we are begging for some mystery nation to take credit.

The information leaks are a last ditch effort to have someone, China, Russia, anyone take credit for the unidentified objects so that we know it's something we have a chance against - because the other possibilty, aliens, is frightening. This obvious message being sent is that we are scared.

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