How Would Aliens Communicate?

How Would Aliens Communicate?

When the inevitable first contact happens, communication is going to be key because we have many questions we would like to ask an alien visitor. That is not as easy of a task as it sounds. We doubt that extraterrestrials speak any language we know on earth, so we wondered just how would aliens communicate.

In Their Native Language

If there are many life forms in the universe, chances are there are also plenty of different languages spoken on each planet. Though there are bound to be some similarities, just like earth languages have cognates, we would expect that an alien race would have its own distinct tongue. That means its going to be slow going as we try to learn their language, and they try to learn ours. No doubt, a whole host of linguistic experts would be tasked with trying to decipher the alien tongue, but it would take time to learn.

Of course, if aliens are as smart as believed (after all they are traveling millions of miles in advanced technology based craft) they may already know our language. Evidence supports the idea that humans have been watched and observed for centuries, so our visitors may already know the languages of Earth and have no trouble communicating.

Sounds and Clicks

A more basic method of communication is through a series of sounds and clicks such as the Xhosa language. This South African language uses heavy consonants, vowels, and high and low tones to communicate. Xhosa is spoken by millions throughout Africa and has many regional dialects as well. Alien language could be very similar to Xhosa - you can hear it being spoken in this video.

Pictoral Message on Pioneer spacecraft

Signs and Hand Gestures

The simplest method of communication is by simple signs and hand gestures. We have all witnessed children pointing at things they want. It's not hard to get simple ideas across this way, but more complex wants or information would be harder to communicate.

Relaying information is simplified with the use of charts, illustrations and diagrams. The 1972 Pioneer 10 and 1973 Pioneer 11 spacecraft featured a pair of gold-anodized aluminum plaques on board. The plaques featured pictoral messages including the nude figures of a human male and female. Also included were several symbols that were designed to provide information about the origin, or home planet, of the spacecraft should it be intercepted by intelligent extraterrestrial life.

In all probability, aliens have devised a very similar series of illustrations aimed at relaying basic information to those they encounter in travels. These well thought out pictures and diagrams help get the most important information across quickly and are most likely the building block of any communication we would have.

A Decoding Device

It probably sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but we would guess that any alien race has some sort of decoding device that makes communication much easier. Such a device would eliminate the need to even learn foreign languages.

It might sound far fetched, but Elon Musk has already begun work on neural implants that offer the potential to accelerate learning and repair cognitive function in those with degenerative diseases. Eventually, Musk believes that these brain implants will allow Bluetooth like communication between humans, and even allow us to 'plug in' to our cellphones to download knowledge.


Probably the most difficult theory to accept is that aliens would communicate telepathically. It's hard to wrap your head around, but many experiencers and abductees report that aliens didn't speak at all but instead communicated silently through their minds. As if the message or instruction they were given just appeared in their mind. Given the size of their heads, it would appear that aliens do have a larger brain mass which opens the doors to higher levels of thought and intelligence - and possibly telepathy.

Though mostly regarded as pseudoscience, The CIA and other government agencies have investigated the possibility of telepathic communication, remote viewing, and other topics in the realm of parapsychology. Though we are not 100% believers in such topics, it's hard to deny that some people just seem to have a sixth sense about things - and who is to say that such talents cant be harnessed and developed?

What do you think? How would Alien visitors communicate with humans? Comment below

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