Georgia UFO Abduction Near Water

Georgia UFO Abduction Near Water

Here is a UFO Report we received from a reader named Julie, who has a friend that may have been abducted by a UFO in Tybee Island, Georgia this past Halloween. There are several common themes in the report including missing time, strange marks on the abductees body, and black helicopters. Here is what Julie told us:

On Halloween afternoon, on a beach in Georgia (USA), my friend saw a craft of some sort dive into the ocean. He called 911 and a Coast Guard helicopter arrived in the scene, flying around the area as my friend filmed. He could see the water churning where the craft had entered the water.
When he called to report the downed craft, he reported it as being an airplane, not a UFO, so that first search helicopter (orange) probably wasn't anyone other than the Coast Guard.
He wasn't abducted until the orange coast guard helicopters showed up. He showed me video of their helicopter searching and him yelling and waving his arms (to show them) where to look.
He then apparently lost two hours of time, "coming to" on the beach around 7 pm, wet. He had three marks, approximately 2" in diameter, on his left shoulder (near his collar bone) that appeared to me to be like faded marks from a suction cup.
The black helicopters didn't fly over us until two days later, when he stopped by my house to tell me the story.
He said he had others on the other side of his torso, but didn't show them to me. As he told me this, he was sitting in his car and I was standing on the sidewalk, and two black choppers flew overhead, fairly low.

UFO in Tybee Island, Georgia

Julie is asking for help in understanding what her friend experienced. She has a few ideas about what may have happened:

Any ideas of what/who this was? I'm thinking military abduction. He had had several visitations in his 64-year life, and even had a small metal chip removed from his heel as a child. And yes, that makes sense about the chip: his father was somehow involved with the army, maybe as a lawyer, when he was born. Also, my psychic friends tended to believe it wasn't ET's that abducted him because they wouldn't have returned him wet; he would've been dry.

I asked Julie if she had ever seen a UFO herself. She said:

I have only seen a UFO in daylight. Looked like a cube with individual silvery balls all close together like a Rubik's Cube. They were fixed in relation to one another but were tightly "connected". It was really high up, but was basically in the same place for several minutes. Then the light turned green and I drive off... that's it!

What do you think this sighting could have been? There have been many sighting of craft in water, which are commonly referred to as Unidentified Submerged Objects (USO's). This report also suggests some sort of military involvement in the abduction, and even more frightening is that it appears to us that those Coast Guard helicopters helped to search out her friend for abduction. Could it be that he was a lifetime abductee, a target of alien visitors?


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