Fast Moving UFO Sighting in Guiglo, Ivory Coast

Fast Moving UFO Sighting in Guiglo, Ivory Coast

I recently spoke with a man named Alfred A. who witnessed a UFO in the small town of Guiglo, which is located in the western part of the Ivory Coast (West Africa). The city has population of just over 100,000 residents and is serviced by the Guiglo airport.

The city is probably best known for an unfortunate incident that occurred in 2005 when a local United Nations base was invaded by 1,000 protesters who took control, but were forced back by armed UN peacekeepers. The clash left 100 protesters and one UN peacekeeper dead.

Can you tell me anything else about the UFO you saw?

It was in the Ivory Coast, West Africa on December, 1998 at 8 PM.

I was with a friend and we saw 30° to our right side up in the sky a flying object that had a kind of traffic light in red/rose colours which in 4/5 seconds made some extremely fast systematical moves and disappeared. The speed was just something too much incredible, it was the speed and the methodical or mathematical moves that made us afraid.

Fast Moving UFO Sighting in Guiglo, Ivory Coast

What town was this?

The name of the town is Guiglo, it's at the west of Ivory Coast.

Had you ever seen anything before this?

No never seen such a thing before nor after, just once and that's about 21 years ago.

Have you ever heard of other sightings in your area?

No , not at all. Are sightings common and general for a particular city at a particular time?

Sometimes there a many reports in the same area. Occasionally many people will see it.

Ivory Coast is a French speaking country. It's a small town and how many Africans living in a small village believe in E.T?

For your information I'm from Nigeria an English speaking country and we are far ahead of the French speaking countries in terms of information or technology. In fact, my friend that was with me was (attending his) first year in the university in 1998, but when I brought up the issue of E.T/UFO's, he laughed and said I was watching too much of science fiction films and Stargate !!!

If an African university student doesn't believe in UFO, how can an African farmer or fisherman believe? Don't forget it was back in 1998 and even some people in the advanced countries in Europe and America were doubting this by then...

Even if other people saw it , they'll never suggest the issue of UFO.

Would you be able to guess the size and color of the object?

The object was too far away for me to guess the size and it was 8 pm at night but it shouldn't be bigger than a normal aeroplane.

Thank you for telling me your story Alfred. If any one else reports something similar I'll be sure to let you know.

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