Faked Photos that Discredit Ufology

Faked Photos that Discredit Ufology
Faked Photos that Discredit Ufology

The photo above is a perfect example of the types of "UFO research" you will find in Facebook groups or on the growing list of reported UFO hoax sites. Disinformation and intentional fabrications like this is why we have really cut back on the groups we follow.

The photo of Augusto Pinochet shaking hands with an alien is obviously faked when you see the original photo side by side with the fake. Still, some are quick to defend the hoax - pointing out that a shadow on Pinochet's nose is "different" in the two photos - as if a shadow couldn't be reworked in Photoshop.

It doesn't take too hard of a look for the discerning Ufologist to quickly scream "fake!" but if you need a further explanation - notice that the light switch, curtain, arm angle, etc. are exactly the same. Add a little shadowing and sepia tone effect and voila, you have an image that is sure to go viral and get plenty of clicks.

The above photo is hardly the only one you will come across on the internet. There are plenty of

similar photos with Hitler meeting aliens, spacecraft photo-shopped next to Nazi soldiers, world leaders shaking hands with visitors. We are going to let you in on a little secret ... they are all fake.

As much as we want to believe, no photo has been released giving us slam dunk proof. Doesn't mean it will not happen, it just has not happened yet. So until then, please stop sharing and reposting fake photos like these unless it's to call out a hoaxer. Otherwise, all it does is discredit the field and make us look like a bunch of loonies.

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