Dreamland: An Autobiography of Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar

Part of UFO lore ever since he hit TV screens in May of 1989 with his fantastic story of working at Area 51, Bob Lazar has had a resurgence as of late. He was the subject of a 2018 documentary by Jeremy Corbell called Area 51 & Flying Saucers. The documentary reignited the interest of old audiences and helped his story reach a new generation that is just as enamored with his first hand account of working inside of the top secret S4 facility.

Shortly after the documentary, there was the Joe Rogan appearance. On June 20, 2019 Bob appeared on the popular podcast along with Jeremy Corbell. The video had millions of views within days and now has been seen over 8 million times. It's obvious that there is a market for what Lazar has to say.

Lazar has always shied away from the spotlight - unlike many in the UFO field who extract every dollar they can from their story. Does that mean he is telling the truth? Or just remorseful for telling the biggest lie in UFO history? We don't know, and you can decide for yourself, but we believe him. At least we believe that the story he is telling is as honest as he can tell it.

So seeing him come out of hiding, so to speak, after all these years has drawn every eye and ear in the UFO field hoping that he has something new to add to the story. So far, nothing about the story has changed - he has not added details, wavered in his claims, or backtracked on anything he stated in the past. If anything, some new information has supported his claims - such as the discovery of Element 115 (ununpentium) which is the supposed fuel source that Lazar said powered the alien space craft he worked to reverse engineer.

Lazar is now 60 years old. He has been though a lot both on a personal and professional level because of his claims. Now we finally get to hear the story behind the one we all know. The one about Bob Lazar the man. The guy who was scrutinized under the media microscope for being the first UFO whistle blower. The scientist who had his credentials doubted and picked apart and couldn't prove anything he said because it was all wiped clean so the story says.

A biography has just come out that promises to tell everything. There is sure to be a retelling of the story we all know and plenty about UFO's. Maybe there is nothing new, and maybe just maybe, after all these years Lazar has decided to jump on the cash bandwagon that Ancient Aliens has created in the field.

Or maybe Lazar has decided to set the record straight on what is one of the wildest claims in UFO lore, one that has been retold thousands of times by everyone but him. A story twisted and embellished and used against him in such a way that it drove him into seclusion. Area 51 is Bob Lazar's legacy.

Either way we had to have it and pre-ordered it. Then we woke up the other day to see it had already been delivered to our kindle. It's sure to be one of the more interesting UFO reads to come out in the last couple of years. Once we finish the book and have time to soak it all in, we will be sure to give our thoughts on the book. If you want to pick up a copy - you can get it by clicking here.


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