Do UFO's Need to Recharge?

Do UFO's Need to Recharge?

Many UFO's have been sighted around electrical storms, something which is sure to ground any man made craft. So if UFO's are flying right into the center of a storm, could there be a reason? It makes us wonder - do UFO's need to recharge? No one knows exactly what 'fuel' flying saucers run on - if they even need fuel at all. Bob Lazar stated that the main source of energy for alien space craft is Element 115. Also known as Moscovium, (previously ununpentium) the synthetic element is radioactive and highly unstable. Only a few atoms of the element have ever been made and no practical use has been found for it. But how about lightning?

A clip by Secure Team 10 supposedly shows a triangular shaped UFO feeding off of a lightning strike in the Czech Republic. The video has had hundreds of thousands of views, but it reeks of CGI and unfortunately Secure Team 10 has been outed as a hoax site that uses CGI to create fake UFO Sightings. Watch it below and decide for yourself:

Hoax or not, the idea of UFO's needing to recharge their fuel supply is an interesting one so we looked into it to see if it could be possible. We learned that an average lightning bolt contains one billion (1,000,000,000) joules of energy - enough to power a 60 watt light bulb for six months. Scientists have estimated that if we could capture every single ounce of energy from every single lightning strike each year we could power the Earth for nine days. But then there is physics and power loss and complex formulas that are over our heads. The layman answer is that even if you could harness every lightning strike (there are over a billion every year) you would lose some of that energy in capturing and transferring it into a power source.

So while its an interesting idea, UFO's are probably not using lightning to power interstellar space travel.

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