Did Aliens Invent the Computer?

We received a one line email from a reader that stated : HUMANS never invented the computer. CPU's are sold to us by extra-terrestrial aliens.

Now we are all for a little conspiracy theory and conjecture about aliens and ufo's since almost nothing in the field can be proven or disproved - but if you are going to make some wild claims, you need to be able to back it up with at least a little bit of evidence. The reader didn't give us any, so we did a little Google research and we are going to have to give this theory a solid NO.

Aliens did not invent the computer nor do they sell computers to humans. In fact, the history of computers is well documented. The first general purpose digital computer was put into use way back in 1946 but was in development since the 1930's. It used over 18,000 vacuum tubes and weighed an astounding 30 tons. That doesn't sound like 'advanced alien technology' to us.

Now if you were to say that aliens have helped us develop computer technology, that's a little more plausible but we still need to see the evidence. Maybe they helped us advance our technology to better 'link up' to their own on board systems, or to develop a software program capable of understanding their language. It's all fun speculation but nothing out there we have found is really supporting the idea. But maybe we missed something.

Do you think Aliens invented the computer? Comment below.

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