Cymmer UFO Incident: Drone Captures Fast Moving Object Over Wales

Cymmer UFO Incident: Drone Captures Fast Moving Object Over Wales

Researchers have a new tool for capturing UFO footage with the rise in popularity and affordability of drones. Though the technology has some real potential for monitoring the skies, drone operators have been a bit too quick to label anything anomalous as a UFO.

Such as the case with one video we found on YouTube which was uploaded last year. The footage shot over Wales shows what appears to be an extremely fast moving object. The video has an upload date of May 31, 2019 and since then has been analyzed - with some believing that the object is nothing more than a bird spreading its wings.

The object appears at the 2:00 mark and moves right through the center of the camera view before quickly disappearing by the 2:03 mark. At full speed, the object does move extremely fast. Some have speculated a speed of 2,000 mph which is hard to believe given that there is no given distance to calculate speed.

The same Youtuber who posted the original took the footage and slowed it down by 50% then 75% to allow for closer inspection. We can easily see that whatever the object is, as it moves closer to the camera it increases in size and appears to "spread out". Though we can't say for sure that it is a bird that would seem to be the most logical conclusion.

The Cymmer footage appears to us as nothing more than a misidentified object. The poster doesn't seem to be intentionally misleading the public, but without other credible sightings around the same time in the area researchers should be looking for simpler explanations. Given the fact that the object flew to the very center of the camera makes us believe it was a bird.

There have been some interesting things captured by drones, but we still don't have anything conclusive. What do you think? Did the Cymmer drone footage capture a UFO or something else?


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