Common Alien Abduction Claims That Make us Skeptical

Common Alien Abduction Claims That Make us Skeptical

There have been plenty of ordinary people who claim to have been the victims of an alien abduction. Many of those stories are hard to explain and warrant further investigation, such as the cases investigated by late ufologist Budd Hopkins.

The acclaimed artist became a UFO researcher after witnessing an unidentified object himself, which he reported to the local National Guard Base. When officials offered little response or explanation, Hopkins became convinced that a cover up was taking place. Later, he would be asked to investigate another sighting which made the local papers. The story gained him a reputation in the field and letters flooded in from other witnesses and abductees looking for help.

As Budd delved deeper into the research of UFO's and alien abduction, he began employing techniques like psychological testing and hypnosis to help experiencers come to grips with their abductions. In many cases, the victim had no recollection of what had happened but did have vague memories of strange lights, missing time, and a general sense of unease that hinted towards something wrong. Quite commonly the abduction memory had been completely buried and was only re-countable during hypnosis.

In his many cases, Hopkins identified several common characteristics in alien abductions. These commonalities included sexual encounters, hybridization, and DNA collection which led him to compare the trauma of alien abduction to rape. Though not the be all, end all analysis of the phenomena - we believe that this description is most accurate if only for the reason that abductees are unwilling participants in the act.

On the flip side, we have abductees who make some pretty wild claims that don't quite fit the common theme of typical abduction reports. Having an atypical experience doesn't mean your lying, but the following things are major red flags to us. When we hear alien abduction stories that include any of these claims, we quickly become skeptical.

Claims to be a Willing Participant

As we just pointed out, an alien abduction is a pretty traumatic experience. Yet despite that, some abductees claim that they were willing participants in their abductions. Others state that they were invited by the aliens, or that they are able to 'summon' or channel aliens and can communicate with them whenever they choose.

We don't mean to make light of the situation, but NO one can just mentally call out to the aliens and book a ride on their mother ship for Friday night. These same people usually report that their experiences are nothing but positive, and make further claims that make us skeptical:

New Age Claims

PLENTY of abduction reports have started to include new agey claims, and a popular researcher (who will remain unnamed) spreads falsehoods like these on his Netflix 'documentary'. Common claims of the new age crowd include enhanced spirituality, religious like experiences, even new found abilities like clairvoyance or pre-cognition.

The new age types will claim to know why they are here and also link abduction and alien visitation to popular agendas and news topics like world peace and climate change, acting is if they have been given the keys to the universe and are tasked with spreading the message. Most often, they believe the alien visitors are here to help us, or save us from some inevitable self destruction.

They Remember Everything

Most abductees don't remember much of what happened, and if they do it comes back to them in small pieces. Usually, the abduction takes years to process and remains deeply buried in the subconscious until something triggers the memory. That's why Budd Hopkins used regression techniques to help victims. If an abductee remembers everything that happened right away, in detail, we get skeptical fast.

Claims of Being Special or Chosen

Any victim attempts to rationalize what has happened to them, but believing that you are special or chosen because you were abducted would seem to border on Stockholm syndrome. No one who is "special" would be taken against their will, experimented on, and then have their memories erased by their captors, only then to be left in a field or strange place in the wee hours of the night.

The Abduction Occurred Late in Life

People of every age have been abducted, but in most cases there is evidence that the abductions are a long occurring event. Often the first abduction happens when a person is very young, and abductions will continue to occur periodically throughout their life - as if the victim is being checked on, or monitored. Being abducted in old age is possible, but quite uncommon for a first abduction.

Claims of a New Breed of Alien

Just about every single alien abduction report lists one of a handful of suspected alien races, the most common of which is the greys. After that, a few have reported encounters with reptilian type creatures, hybrid like beings, and every so often a Nordic.

Sure, we can't really prove any of them exist at this point, but if you are the first and only witness to describe some new breed of alien we get skeptical fast. Most likely, it's a lie so that no one can disprove or question your "facts".

Claims of Insider Knowledge

Many abductions that raise red flags for us are the ones where the experiencer now claims to have some sort of insider knowledge imparted by the aliens. Beyond the new age agendas we pointed out above, some abductees insist to have been taught the language of space aliens but can't recite it.

Some will even claim to know or understand the technology of space travel, but can't provide any further information - exposing holes in their story. The technology question is one reason that many doubt the Bob Lazar story: the supposed former Area 51 employee said he was a physicist at the top secret base and worked on recovered craft, but doesn't provide clear evidence to confirm this.

As many have pointed out, many of the scientific claims he makes were common sci-fi themes in television and movies from the era. Lazar and others often claim to know exactly where the aliens are traveling from, but it's not anywhere that can be found on a star map. Or in the case of Lazar, the Zeta Reticuli star system he said aliens traveled from had been reported in other accounts.

They Try To Profit from the Abduction

Finally, the number one thing that makes us skeptical about any abduction story is the attempt to profit. Now trying to make a living doesn't make you a liar, but there are not a lot of people who go through traumatic experiences then spend the rest of their lives doing lectures where they relive that pain over and over again. Sure, some victims would want to help other victims - but UFOlogy has become too profitable a business to let a good story (especially a fake one) go untold.


What do you think? What makes you doubt a UFO Abduction claim? Comment Below.

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