Collection of Objects Sighted in Pompano Beach, Florida

UFO's Sighted in Pompano Beach, Florida

A reader named Cindy reported the following sighting to us. She witnessed the UFO's at 10pm in Pompano Beach, Florida on August 14th, 2020.

"Looked up to the sky as usual when we took the dog for a walk and something didn't look like the normal satellites or stars. Got our phones and magnified the view and saw possibly 3 or 4 different objects staying around the same area for more than an hour. One large greyish more rectangle, one a very fast moving star like shape. Another with a big white tower sticking up from the middle and another that looked like some kind of ship. Also like a very long worm looking thing extending from the grey one going all the way to a smaller round looking object. We were fascinated but not surprised. I have seen something before many years ago, a bright light darting across the sky in many different directions before it just disappeared. No military bases that I am aware of except the Homestead air base."

Cindy also included the extensive collection of photographs below. She did capture a video but says that "I used my phone to crop the pictures so I could possibly get a better look.  I have the original pictures as well.  I also have videos but all you can see is a bright light moving rapidly all around the area of the other objects."

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