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If you take the study of UFO's seriously then you probably spend a lot of time reading about things like alien abductions and UFO crashes. After all that reading you can't help but think about what it would be like to actually visit some of those places you've read about, to actually step foot on the ground where an extraterrestrial may have walked.

If you are the kind of person who can identify with that sense of wonder, then this top 5 list of UFO sites should be on your bucket list of places to visit in your lifetime. Now this is no where near an all inclusive list, but does present some of the most famous and interesting spots of supposed alien visitation. Some are more known than others, but all help to weave the story of UFO crashes, Alien visitation, and their resulting effects on the American consciousness.

Roswell, New Mexico

We start off our bucket list with a trip to Roswell, New Mexico. This is the Holy Grail for UFO researchers since Roswell is the crash site of the most infamous UFO story in history. In the first week of July, 1947, a flying saucer crashed in the desert outside Roswell, New Mexico and it is rumored that three alien bodies were retrieved. Conspiracy theory and speculation as to what really happened in Roswell ensued ever since.

The Roswell Crash site is probably the most researched topic in Ufology and at least a new book or two comes out every year to examine the evidence for and against. Stanton Friedman broke the case open and is probably the authority on the subject. Of course, the Air Force denied any crash and stated that it was nothing more than weather balloons. A defense of this story was released called the Roswell Report. Click the link for the full government release.

Just recently, the Roswell Museum celebrated a grand reopening. This is a must see place on any UFO Researcher Bucket List. The Roswell Incident also spawned the alien autopsy footage when a filmmaker claimed to have black and white film footage of the autopsy performed on one of the aliens retrieved from the crash. Though mostly debunked at this point, there is still debate over the films authenticity and a few vocal Ufologists believe it is real. I did a full write up on on the footage called Revisiting the Alien Autopsy Frenzy.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Wright Patterson Air Force Base is the less commonly known location for Hangar 18, the supposed resting place for the recovered bodies from the Roswell UFO crash. After the Air Force recovered the bodies, they were quickly transported and temporarily held at Area 51. Shortly thereafter the bodies were transported cross country to the Air Force base located just outside Columbus in the city of Dayton, Ohio.

Hangar 18 may be the final resting place for as many as sixteen recovered bodies (according to some reports) from various UFO crashes and a storage site for crash debris. All accounts believe the hangar to actually be located underground and inaccessible (though with proper security clearances you may be able to gain admittance) so a visit to Wright Patterson is unlikely to yield much to see, but it would be quite an experience to just step foot on the grounds.

Now you can’t just walk in and visit, but one thing you can do at Wright Patterson Air Force Base is visit the official Air Force museum. It's free and open 7 days a week. If you’re lucky you may be able to get a tour of the base and stand over the rumored location to take a selfie. That’s better than what you get at Area 51, where a long drive might mean a view of nothing but dust, or worse case scenario getting harassed by the camo dudes.

Area 51

This site is second only to Roswell in its fame, and Area 51 tends to be an obsession for the UFO researcher since it's connected to so much of the UFO mystery. What exactly happens at this top secret location in the Nevada Desert remains highly classified, but over the years various leaks have revealed and confirmed that at the very least it is the location of black budget military projects. Area 51 has a connection to Roswell: it is reported that the crash debris and recovered alien bodies were taken to the site and temporarily stored, before being transported to our earlier bucket list spot, Hangar 18 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

One rumor about Area 51 is that this is where UFO's are back engineered, a story initially supported by a scientist named Bob Lazar, who claimed during the late 1980’s to have worked at Area 51 as a physicist in a location called S-4. This particular location was the source of top secret government projects that tried to reverse engineer alien technology. Lazar claimed that UFO's used something called gravity wave propulsion to attain flight, powered by Element 115. The media quickly picked Bob Lazar a part after he told his story on national television, and when no evidence of his degrees or background at the base could be found, he faded into obscurity. Conspiracy Theorists believe his credentials were scrubbed in an effort to discredit him.

Then there is Tikaboo Peak, a ridge of mountains where UFO enthusiasts would climb to observe the weird happenings on the base. That mountain range was seized by the government and is now inaccessible to civilians, adding to the intrigue. Then we have the cammo dudes, security guys who patrol the gates at area 51 with an intimidating presence. I covered some of those happenings in the article What happens if you try to enter Area 51?

Kecksburg, Pennsylvania

This event is lesser known to the casual sky watcher or UFO observer, but quite important none the less. In a small town outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 9th, 1965 an acorn shape craft was reported to have crashed in the small town.

Official accounts stated it was a meteorite. Witnesses reported seeing military vehicles removing an acorn shaped craft that appeared to be on a guided path before it crashed, and even noticed that it made a level decent away from residential areas into the woods of Kecksburg. A 13-year-old boy who was playing baseball in a near by field, years later stated he saw the object shoot across the sky and described it as a ... "predominately green glowing object with wisps of yellow, purple and orange colors”.

Most investigators believe it was taken to Wright Patterson. Though what exactly was taken out of the woods that night is up for debate, Kecksburg is a must visit place on any UFO researchers bucket list. A memorial of sort’s stands today, an acorn that is inscribed with hieroglyphic like writing - just like the writing which appeared on the object as described by firsthand accounts .

The Dulce Base

Last but not least on my Bucket List for the UFO Researcher is the Dulce Base. Located in northern New Mexico, just north of the Los Alamos National Labs, is the supposed location of a secret research and experimentation facility that is housed beneath the Archuleta Mesa, or by some accounts inside the mountain, on the Jicarilla Indian Reservation.

Probably the most terrifying if true of all alien and UFO stories, this hidden laboratory is the location of government sanctioned human experimentation and a alien hybridization program. As you progress down levels inside the base, the sinister nature of the experiments becomes apparent. Now there are so many layers to this myth that it's hard to go into a lot of detail here, but it will be featured in a future article.

Let's just say that if you are looking for the origin of reptilians, cattle mutilations, alien versus military gunfights, human cloning and experimentation, and the possible source of the black eyed kids, then a visit to the Dulce base is the culmination of all your UFO research. I wouldn't visit alone though, because if there is just an ounce of truth to the stories, you may be walking into something you may never walk away from. Be sure to tell a friend or two where you went - and be sure to leave a will.


Now as I mentioned, this isn't every reported UFO crash site or location of alien visitation, but to me represents the most fascinating places to visit in the United States. If you would like to see a bucket list of places outside the U.S. or for a particular region then comment below. If you have visited any of the places on my list, be sure to tell us about your experience. See anything interesting?


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