Area 51 Making Upgrades?

Janet Airlines Tracking

If you know anything at all about Area 51, then you know about the secretive airplanes that transport Area 51 employees. These trips, called Janet Flights, take off from Las Vegas airport and land at the top secret military base.

Janet Flights fly without a call sign so that they cannot be identified, but that doesn't mean you cant track them - and that's just what one of our readers has done. Using a popular flight tracking software called Flightradar24, the reader was able to 'follow' the flight and then was able to identify what he believes to be a new landing strip at the Area 51 facility on Google Maps.

area 51 upgrades? Reported location of new landing spot for Janet Flights

We can't say for sure that this is accurate, but lots of researchers use Google to zoom on the facility to try to catch a glimpse. Take a look at the screenshot above of the 'new' landing spot.

Does this mean that Area 51 is being upgraded?

Lots of people are speculating that Alien disclosure is in the works. If it's true, then it makes sense that the facility would need some upgrades to accommodate the flood of craft that will surely follow disclosure.

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