Are Aliens Blackmailing Earth Governments?

Are Aliens Blackmailing Earth Governments?

With growing evidence that we are indeed being visited by other worldly beings, it's easy to speculate that some sort of deals have been made between those in charge here on Earth and the leaders of the aliens that come here. But what could those secret deals mean?

Most likely, many nations here on Earth have met with aliens and made their own closed door deals. It could be a handshake agreement to share technology, possibly in exchange for other goods and services, but you can't rule out the possibility that an advanced civilization which has watched over us for centuries knows the nitty gritty details that don't reach public eye. Information that is not meant to be known.

Details like that could be used for blackmail.

You can't help but wonder why disclosure has taken so long and one guess is that 'they' know a lot, information that no nation wants released. So perhaps the reason details about UFO's is so slow coming is that nations across the globe are being blackmailed. With so many UFO's seen near nuclear sites, could aliens threaten to provide that information to ones enemies? Perhaps even reveal launch codes?

If aliens operate anything like humans, they will use any advantage they can. That means selling secrets to the highest bidder, and using whatever means necessary to advance their own purpose. Stories of alien abductions, human testing and hybrid programs, etc make you wonder if the aliens have indeed threatened to release information. Such a release would cause widespread panic and mistrust of government - if not outright anarchy.

Reason enough for any government to make clandestine deals to further their own agenda.

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