Anonymous UFO Report from North Dakota

Anonymous UFO Report from North Dakota

We received the following anonymous UFO report from a reader who believes the Bob Lazar story since he witnessed something very similar:

In my back yard I had a personal interaction with UFO'S starting in 1997, although I had three very profound sightings before that! I had heard Bob's story before this happened to me but he said some things I personally experienced!

He said that when in motion their propulsion system made our gases around the craft glow! Well I certainly witnessed that and he also said when the disc banked 45 degrees they would go from here and in a blink of an eye they would go to there destination!

One night in view with my binoculars as two disc's flew over me I started counting as I always did and when I got to 8 both of those discs at the exact same time (they) banked 45 degrees and I observed them starting to climb and then in a blink of an eye they were just gone!

I had the opportunity to talk to Stan Friedman at a Mufon meeting in Bismarck ND and when I told him about that he said Bob said that! I was blown away! All the bull shit about discrediting Bob and he did not even know the type of things Bob said! Well long story short I know you are telling the truth Bob!


Here is another report from North Dakota

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