Alternative Theories on the Roswell Crash

Alternative Theories on the Roswell Crash

Just about everyone is well versed on the Roswell Crash, after all it's probably the most researched and talked about UFO story out there. The official story is that what witnesses saw retrieved from the New Mexico desert in 1947 was a crashed weather balloon. But that story had changed from just a few days before - leading many to believe that a cover up had taken place.

We may never know the full truth about what happened in Roswell, but that doesn't stop researchers from speculating. Here are a few of the most interesting alternative explanations about Roswell that we have come across.

Warm Up for Disclosure

This theory states that the Roswell crash was intentional, intended to act as a warm up to disclosure. The government knew that aliens existed and wanted to gauge the public reaction to the knowledge of UFO's.

This one does make some sense given that first, the crash was reported as an unidentified flying object. Then, a few days later after the story was breaking in the news, official explanation changed to 'crashed weather balloon'. Perhaps the powers that be had a change of heart, or thought that we couldn't handle the truth.

Unless you believe that everything the government says is a lie, Roswell was a weather balloon and new information to back up the official explanation was released in 1990. The US military published two reports to try to finally lay the story to rest: it disclosed that the Roswell object was a nuclear test surveillance balloon from Project Mogul.

Test Flight of the Nazi Technology

Proponents of this Roswell crash explanation believe that Nazi space technology was quite advanced - far enough along that a working model was nearly ready for flight by the end of WW2. German scientists had engineered a model capable of 'detaching' itself from the effects of gravity based on the work of Tesla, who had developed a theory of momentum and energy using high voltage electricity.

Of course, Hitler and the Nazi's lost, meaning that their Die Glocke AKA Nazi Bell would be grounded forever.

Except, it wasn't. Conspiracy theorists say that The CIA was already working with Nazi Germany during WW2 under an early iteration of Operation Paperclip. After the fall of the Third Reich, the United States continued its collaboration with Nazi scientists to finalize a space worthy model of the craft. The object that crashed in Roswell was a test flight of this newly developed technology based off of Nikola Tesla's work.

We do know that the first secret recruitment program, called Operation Overcast, was swiftly implemented - on July 20, 1945. So the United States was moving to bring Nazi scientists into its programs ASAP as a way to gain an advantage in the Space Race with Russia. But we haven't seen anything yet that proves the Nazis were anywhere near ready to launch into space. Even another 2 years of development wouldn't have been enough to create a space worthy vehicle - but who knows, maybe that's why it crashed in Roswell?

Intentional Hoax

Some believe that the Roswell crash was an intentional hoax for disinformation. Since we were in a heated race with the Soviet Union to be the first into space and land on the moon - any sort of attempt would be a show of superiority.

If we had to pick from the theories mentioned, this is the one that sounds most plausible to us. Even a crashed 'UFO' would send Russia into a frenzy, thinking that we were on the edge of technology. Then you could even say that a disinformation campaign - like a UFO - would be a great way to distract eyes from other government black programs and top secret operations.


We are not saying that we subscibe to any of the above theories on Roswell, but it's fun food for thought. What do you think? Did a weather balloon crash in Roswell? Or was it a UFO? Something else? Comment below.

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