Aaron Rodgers Saw a UFO Near a Nuclear Power Plant

Aaron Rodgers opens up about his UFO sighting

In March of 2016, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed that he had witnessed a UFO in 2005 when he was visiting New Jersey to appear on a television show. He told the story during a podcast interview on You Made it Weird, a weekly interview style show hosted by Pete Holmes.

Rodgers told of the sighting for the first time, and it's quite the story.

According to Rodgers, as he and his friends were finishing dinner when they suddenly heard a strange siren sound in the distance. They went outside to investigate, and when they looked up at the night sky - they were stunned to see a strange object which the quarterback described as "a large orange, left-to-right-moving object."

Rodgers is positive that what he saw was a UFO, and shortly after the object disappeared, his group of friends heard fighter jets come racing through the night sky. He offered his own analysis of the sighting by saying:

"If you know anything about UFO sightings or you've done research, you know that a lot of times two things are connected to UFO sightings" adding "one, is the presence of fighter jets. And two, there's a lot of sightings around nuclear power plants. So to tie it all together, the alarm we heard was from 30 miles out was a nuclear power plant that had an alarm that went off."

Rodgers seems to have become quite a researcher into unexplained aerial phenomenon, but we don't know if it was because of his sighting, or if he took an interest all along. Either way, he is just another in a long list of celebrities and high profile figures helping to draw attention to the field.

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