5 Things That Should Make You Fear Alien Encounters

UFO Abduction

The ultimate purpose of alien visitation is a hotly debated topic. Some believe the visitors have good intentions and come in peace, even to save the human race from its own destruction. That's a grand idea which doesn't have much to back it up if you study abduction accounts.

There are a lot of common themes reported among UFO witnesses, including being taken in isolated areas, which upon closer examination should make any researcher doubt that these visitors are friendly. Here are 5 facts that should make you fear alien encounters.


If someone came into your home in the middle of the night, pulled you out of bed and physically assaulted you, would you consider that act as “friendly”? I wouldn’t. Yet aliens are reported to do just these things when they abduct people from around the world on a daily basis. How can anyone even entertain the idea that the aliens are friendly? Taking anyone against their will should be a major red flag that says aliens are not entirely friendly.

Medical Procedures and Experiments

After an abduction, these 'doctors' then proceed to perform all manner of experimentation on the humans they have kidnapped. The experiments are reminiscent of the horrific Nazi experiments during WWII. Abductees report that they have been subjected to surgical procedures, biopsies, and DNA collection. There are even reports of “illegitimate” pregnancies of human-hybrid children, some of which are removed and taken from the human mother host. Others report later being brought to meet their half human children that they gave birth to.


After abusing a victim during these medical experiments, many humans who have been abducted are then implanted with a tracking device. These devices allow for the subject to be tracked and easily located over the course of their life. Many report a lifetime of encounters including follow up abductions for further experimentation.

Erased Memories and a Drugged State

Many experiencers report feeling frozen, and being unable to move or struggle against their abductors. Almost like a drugged state. If you were to slip someone a sedative without their knowledge, you would go to jail. So why are we not more fearful of these creatures who are doing exactly that to human beings?

Others only have the memories of their abduction resurface after undergoing hypnotic regression. Some report a phenomena called screen memories: frightening or disturbing recollections of owls, bugs, or animals with large penetrating eyes - similar to that of the Greys we are familiar with. These screen memories are implanted as a cover to mask the real event or abduction and encounter.

Cattle Mutilations

One hypothesis I talked about in a previous article was the possible need Aliens have for genetic material. Some have suggested that the cattle mutilations reported throughout the western United States during the 1970's could be just that - a search for DNA to aid in experiments.

During these mutilations, parts of the cattle were removed including eyes, ears, tongues and even wombs. Further investigation reveals that the animals are often subjected to intense heat and show burns marks consistent with laser procedures. Many animals even have severe fractures consistent with being dropped from heights.

Cattle mutilations are now reported around the world often after other strange phenomena are witnessed in the area: strange noises, lights, orbs, and UFO's have been reported in close proximity to the location of cattle remains.

What do you think? Are aliens friendly, or do they have darker intentions? Comment Below.

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