5 Security Measures That Keep You Out of Area 51

Area 51 Aerial View

Area 51 is the holy grail of sites for UFO researchers. Though we can't confirm 100% that alien reverse engineering is happening on the base - enough evidence has leaked out to prove that it is probably a place where above top secret military engineering programs are worked on. That is one reason why it draws thousands of visitors every year from around the world.

Still, people want to know if there are alien starships being worked on, and every so often someone pushes their luck and tries to get a little too close to the base. Though many have tried, no one has been successful in getting more than a few feet past the gate of the facility. That's because there are plenty of security measures in place that keep you out of Area 51. Here are five that we know about.

Area 51 is deep within the Mojave Desert

Deep Location

Throughout its history, Area 51 did not officially exist. The base is situated deep in the Mojave desert of Nevada - an area of extreme heat, lack of water, and difficult terrain requiring off road vehicles. The desert is a survival nightmare, and those who wander off into the desert unprepared will likely die within days. The extreme conditions made it unlikely that anyone would inadvertently stumble upon it, which is probably a major reason the location was chosen.

The first time that the public even became aware of Area 51 was after Skylab astronauts disobeyed orders and took high aerial photos of the facility in 1974. Since then, more lands surrounding the base have been seized as government property to limit access and make getting close near impossible. Miles of desert now serve as a buffer zone between the base and interested eyes. At one time, researchers would position themselves on the nearby mountain peak to shoot pictures, but now that lookout point is offlimits.

Even Google maps had Area 51 blacked out for years so no one could get a look. Google later updated its maps to include the base, but years of imaging are still missing. Obviously, they don't want us to see or know what happens at Area 51.

Early motion sensor found at Area 51

Secret Underground Motion Sensors

It is confirmed that the perimeter surrounding Area 51 is closely monitored by sensors which are buried in the ground. This seems to be the first layer of security at the base and acts as an early warning system. The existence of the sensors was confirmed in the 1990's when researchers found the devices hidden in bushes and vegetation around the base. They were primitive and easy to spot, but newer devices are much more discrete and sophisticated.

The sensors are rugged enough to withstand whatever conditions that they might encounter, and connect by underground electrical cables to relay any activity they sense back to the base. The only sign of the new sensors is the electrical controls which can be spotted on telephone poles in the area. Likely, there are sensors positioned for miles around and let security known about your presence long before you get close enough to see anything good.

Security Guards at Area 51

The Camo Security Guys

We talked about the dudes in camo in one of our previous articles. A highly trained security force is positioned at Area 51 at all times - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These guys patrol the perimeter of Area 51 and will station themselves in big trucks on the hill just outside the gates. They are reported to work for a high level security contractor and will stop at nothing to keep you out.

Rarely do they enage onlookers unless you get too close. When that happens, they will issue a direct command to get back. From what we have seen, it's not common to be warned twice - usually they will draw their guns and it serves as your final warning. That means they are under orders to shoot on site if you don't stop when told to.

We have not heard of anyone being shot, but many have been arrested after attempting to pass the gate. You can be charged with a felony for trespassing on a military facility, and some have reported serious monetary fines.

Black Helicopters that Guard Area 51

Black Helicopters

If the guys in camo don't scare you enough, they are backed up by a squadron of black helicopters with heavy artillery. These unmarked helicopters offer aerial support when things look to be getting out of hand, and are capable of unleashing serious firepower to keep things under control.

No one knows for sure if they are soldiers or additional hired security manning the choppers, but based on witness accounts they mean business. Some have reported the helicopters will fly low and hover over onlookers as a form of intimidation. Additionally, the area above the Area 51 base is a restricted no fly zone - so anyone attempting to enter via air will be shot down.

Usually, certain 'rules of engagment' are followed in military confrontations: these protocols seem to be non-existent when it comes to Area 51. By all accounts, the security team and soldiers stationed there have full agency to act a they see fit to neutralize a threat.

Unmarked Janet Flight headed to Area 51

Janet Airlines

Area 51 needs employees, and getting a job at the base is possible though not the easiest thing to do. After undergoing rigourous background checks to gain an above top secret security clearance, employees are kept in the dark about everything related to the facility unless it directly impacts their project. In other words, Area 51 is on a 'need to know' basis.

One way that secrecy is maintained is by making sure employees have a secure ride to work. But those workers don't just drive up to the gate and scan their badges to punch in, they are escorted by top secret flights known as Janet Airlines. This small fleet of six Boeing airplanes is dedicated soley to the purpose of transporting Area 51 employees to and from work. Somewhere between 1000-1500 employees are flown back and forth between the airport and Area 51 everyday and is the only way that a civilian can enter the base.

The planes are stationed outside of an unmarked building located in a secure compound within the Las Vegas airport. All Janet flights are white planes and have no logos like a traditional plane. Instead, they are only identified by the single red stripe on their side and the civilian N number registration required by the FAA. No one is even sure why they are called Janet flights, though some speculate that it stands for 'Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation'.


The security measures at Area 51 guarantee that no unauthorized access can ever occur, and though some have tried - all have been successfully stopped within a few feet of the main gate. The five security measures we talked about above are enough to deter most tresspassers, but there is bound to be plenty of other ways Area 51 keeps its secrets locked inside. If you know of any other Area 51 sercurity features we missed, let us know.

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