5 Major Problems in Ufology

5 Major Problems in Ufology

Poor Evidence

Shaky and blurry photos, out of focus videos, we have all seen what passes as evidence for UFO's - and it's not convincing. Despite the leaps in technological advancement we have seen in our lifetime which have allowed us to record and share every aspect of the human experience, researchers still can't come up with something concrete that convinces the mainstream into accepting the idea of extraterrestrial visitors. The problem is so bad, that we even wrote a guide on How to Capture a UFO Sighting.

Fakes Do a YouTube search and you'll find plenty of supposed 'evidence' showing Ufo's landing in a backyard or flying by an office building. The problem is that 99.9% of what is out there is faked with CGI. We don't know why people fake UFO sightings and alien abductions, but we guess it's for the 15 minutes of fame you receive. Then there is the cell phone photographs taken out of context, spread virally and polluting the field or burying otherwise credible research that rarely get seen. Luckily, there are a few websites dedicated to unearthing the truth. One called In the Field, even publishes a yearly updated list of hoax sites.

Refusing Practical Explanations Along with what we said above, many who manage to get something on film quickly state "it was a UFO!". Sure, it could have been, but it might also have been something much more explainable: a glare on the window, a plane flying overhead, a bug on the lens, etc. The list of practical explanations is countless and should be explored AKA researched before jumping to the conclusion of UFO. This is a common problem in ghost hunting, where a weird camera artifact is labeled as proof, which has been creeping into ufology more and more.

Living in the Past You have heard about Roswell - right? Area 51? We are pretty sure you could rattle off a whole book on what you know about those famous sightings and places. But how about sightings like Trumbull County, Ohio - witnessed by credible witnesses like police officers? Probably not, unless you have really done some deep research. And that's the problem, There isn't a lot of websites really digging deep into the cases that have some really credible evidence. Instead, we focus on the tried and true stories that reaffirm what we already believe. In effect, ufology is living in the past rather than stepping forward to become a recognized academic field of study.


Everyone wants to be the first to say "I was the one that proved UFO's exist" which is one reason why we have such a rush to publish unverified accounts. But a lot of researchers out there keep their more credible evidence under wraps for that book they plan to publish 'one day'. As a result, a lot of accounts that could really push the envelope and move ufology forward don't ever see the light of day until its too late to really look at it. The window passed without further research. Now we can't blame the UFO field for this alone, after all, how long does a FOIA request take? There is definitely a veil of secrecy in the field and we urge everyone to open the books so to speak for public scrutiny.

What do you think are the problems in Modern Ufology?

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